An issue of Mobility

Posted by Randi D. Berge on December 30, 2014 in My blog |
Getting Mobile

Getting Mobile

The plan was to be out of here by Christmas 2014.  Instead I’ve passed the five month mark all thanks to a lack of mobility.  In theory the plan I had was a good one.  I just didn’t count on the hiccups that could interfere.  Like a busy floor and staff being unavailable.

Yesterday was one of those days where mobility got put on the back burner.  The 8th Floor was busy and I had a float nurse.  Nice woman.  Before her day got started she and I put together a plan of what I wanted to accomplish.  After her day got underway… well dangling and getting up to the cardiac chair didn’t happen.

Dangling is sitting on the edge of the bed with support.  I’ve gotten up to 10 minutes again.  This was on Sunday with some great staff led by my nurse who in the roll of cheerleader helped me achieve my goals for the day.

Monday; I wasn’t as lucky.  Tuesday, I’m in the cardiac chair.  I’m uncertain about the whole dangling thing today.  In this instance it’s me.  I feel a certain weariness.  I  would very much like to be home in the office working away on some project.  I’d like to sleep in my own bed and never have to think of Harborview Medical Center again.  Only the reality is I have a mobility issue.  As lovely as the idea of my Mom being at home able to help me; the fact is she’s not able.  When I go home I have to be able to walk on my own.  Be able to bath and dress myself.

I’ve spent over four months on my back and getting up and walking wasn’t part of the program.  There was a huge wound to deal with.  It required wound care twice a day and took upwards of 45 minutes each time.  It’s come as a surprise my doctor doesn’t understand why I’m not on my feet roaming the halls.  The worse part of his lack of understanding was his whole doom and gloom scenario.  After all he’s seen it before.  He can predict the future.

Besides the all knowing, all seeing doctor, in the last month I’ve had a float nurse who decided to use“tough love”   when reading my file would have been better.  It was the first time I was forced to see my wound.  While the wound care specialist on this floor may think it wonderful I can honestly say I wish I had never seen it.  I was not prepared.  I liked thinking it was normal.  Now my opinion is I’m some sort of freak.  It’s huge.  It’s ugly. If I never have to look at it again, it will be too soon.

I had the nurse who wanted to know if I wanted to sign a DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) to have on file.  This due to the fact I was not eating enough to satisfy her.

Lastly, the doctor heading up plastics at 6am rounds who pops in every morning.

All of this leads back to one undeniable fact.  I lack mobility.  As soon as I can stand and move on my own, I get to go home.  It’s nearly time to move back to bed.  Then I’ll make the decision about dangling at the edge of the bed.  All I need is enough people to keep me from falling.

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