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Impatience of waiting

Impatience of waiting

Learning to wait is one thing I’ve gotten very good at here at Harborview.  Armed with a cold chocolate milk and a glass of water I’m listening to the sounds on the 8th floor at 6am as I wait for the Plastic Surgery Team to make their appearance.  Yesterday a baby came in.  It’s part of being on this floor. The baby has wanted to be held and the nursing staff has been taking turns.  My night nurse is also her nurse.  As nurses go, I highly recommend her as the primary caregiver.

Recently Harborview Social Services informed me there was a “Skilled Nursing Care Facility” up in Greenwood who was willing to take me.  Unfortunately my insurance threw a wrench into the works and the whole transfer fell apart.  Social Services is back at work looking for a facility.  But with the insurance I have that may be difficult.  I have a few options.  The first being is waiting on Social Services to find a place.  This would mean leisurely days spent impatiently waiting.  Listening to the sounds on the floor, trying to keep my mind occupied.  Coming up with another crochet project.  Trying not to get surly with the nursing staff.  Trust me when I say there are only so many crochet projects one can do before the mere sight of another skein of yarn is too much. 

Purple Ripple Afghan Kit

Purple Ripple Afghan Kit

To the left is my current project.  A purple ripple afghan kit purchased off of E-Bay.  Originally from Herrchners.

The other option is advocating for myself and setting achievable goals.  In the last month or so I’ve had a skin graph.  It’s closed up the wound and for the most part it’s healed.  Although I still have wound care once a day. 

The problem I have is mobility.  I’ve spent far too long lying in bed with nurses and hospital assistants helping me do the most basic tasks.

So how does one advocate and set goals when often times the nurses don’t have time to help with physical therapy?  How do I put myself before a small child who has been injured and is afraid?

One tool I have is a tracking chart.  It needs to be extended and re-drawn and I need to get more people on board tracking my daily progress.  But, it’s one of the best tools I have.  The trick this time when it gets re-drawn is adding those areas not currently tracked 

Going home is a must.  Getting there is up to me.  How and when I get there is also up to me. Waiting is not an option.

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